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26th Annual High Performance Racing Seminar

Live event will be conducted virtually via zoom

Five-Star line-up of racing professionals to share their deepest secrets and knowledge on topics you must know now to improve your racing skills.

Now is the perfect time to tune up your mind and car for the 2021 racing season by you attending this live seminar via Zoom.

For 25 years, racing gurus from across the land have come to the Pacific NW sharing their expertise with those who have chosen to attend our live seminar. Those who have attended raved about all that they learned and got a big head start on the season by getting mentally tuned up and learning car setup tips known only to the pros.

This year we’ve assembled another colossal group of racing professionals who will not only share their insider secrets, they will share current thoughts and innovations all with the goal of helping you improve your racing skills, your car set-up and thus your performance. Of course, improvement in these areas enhances your enjoyment of racing. Few things are more frustrating than going to the races, being slow and having no idea why. This seminar will fix that, I guarantee it.

Bob Earl

Bob Earl

First we have Bob Earl, perhaps the most experienced, knowledgeable and effective driving coach in America. Bob created the curriculum for the Bob Bondurant School where he was the chief driving instructor. He established the Derek Daly Driving Academy and was technical director for car setup and development for the Jim Russell School. His driving credentials are superb including SCCA Formula Ford national champion, two wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona, a win at the 12 Hours of Sebring and the only American to ever win the Macau Grand Prix.

Here area few of the topics Bob is going to share with you:


  • Multiple aspects of braking including use of brakes on entry and middle, left foot braking and making your brakes last
  • Rain Racing
  • Finding the line early on tracks new to you
  • All of which means to you that you’ll become a better racer.
David Redszus

David Redszus

David Redszus, PhD is the president and founder of Precision AutoResearch, a provider of advanced research and engineering services for the motorsports industry. He also serves as a Senior Design Judge for Formula SAE. His is an expert instructor concerning data analysis and will speak about how you can utilize data to your benefit when you are testing and racing. Seems over the years, at our seminar, racers and crews can’t get enough knowledge on how to use and benefit from data collected.  

What this means to you is that David will help you improve in this very important aspect of racing, including:

  • Easy data traces
  •  Why use math channels (he promised this won’t be too technical)
  •  Template/Profile management to save time when looking at data on-track
Mike Hurst

Mike Hurst

You will be most interested to hear Mike Hurst, the Technical Director of the SFI Foundation, a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for quality assurance for racing equipment. He will cover the basics of what SFI is, who they are, what they do and how they do it.

His talk will include:

  • Development, differences, science and logic behind SFI restraint specs
  • Why a 2-year harness certification period
  • SFI suit specs and the new SFI 3.4 spec
  • Counterfeiting and fraud
When you know and understand the “why” of the specifications, you’ll gain confidence in your choices for equipment and parts for you and your car. Mike promises lots of photos to keep you interested.
Dan Binks

Dan Binks

Our last technical speaker is Dan Binks, one of sports car racing’s most decorated crew chiefs. He burst on the racing scene with Tommy Kendall as they won in IMSA’s GTU category with a low-dollar, RX-7 program and then he helped Kendall dominate the 1990s Trans-Am series. Dan is most famous for working with the Corvette Racing team, winning in IMSA and the 24 hours of LeMans.

Since Dan is a hands on guy, his talk will be focused on car preparation and will include:

  • Note taking from car built to race weekends
  • Why you must scale your car for domination
  • Other topics of car preparation
Learning and applying what Dan will be sharing, will help you and your team be in a position to finish high.
Roberto Guerrero

Roberto Guerrero

To round out the seminar I’m excited to present our special guest speaker, Roberto Guerrero. Roberto raced in Formula 1, was the Indy500 and CART rookie of the year and finished 2nd at the 500 two times. You’ll love his fascinating insight into the world of open wheel racing and his stories will thrill you.

For the past 25 years, over 1,000 racers have made the sacrifice and expense to get to Tacoma, WA to spend the day in class. The benefits of attending are obvious as many have come year after year. Still many of you have been unable to get from your home to the event, had family priorities, were unaware of this seminar, or were limited by your budget. So, while you’ve wanted to attend, you simply couldn’t until now.

Not attending is much like showing up late to pre-grid, you get to race only you have to start from the pits so you are already last when the green flag drops. At this seminar you are going to learn how to race better, put down quicker lap times, and look at your car in a way that you’ve never thought of it before. While it pains me to go from an in person event to an on-line live seminar, which we must due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the advantage to you is that you don’t have to travel and can participate right from your home or shop. Plus a virtual seminar greatly reduces your cost thus making the seminar affordable.

Every effort is going to be made to make this event special. Our speakers will take questions, we’ll record the event and make that recording available to all who attend and we’ll offer special pricing on racing products just like we do every year at our live event, so that you can take advantage of great products you need and want.

Here are the details…

  • No one wants to sit in front of a computer for 6 to 8 hours, so we’ve broken down the event into two days. Saturday February 20th we’ll get going at 9 am, take a break mid-morning, have another speaker, and then finish up early in the afternoon following our guest speaker. On Sunday February 21st, we’ll start at 9 am and finish up just after lunch.
  • Each speaker will take questions and we’ll see about giving you personal access to each one if you have specific questions about your racing, car or your team. What other event of this type allows you this kind of access to the speakers?
  • We’ll record the event and make the recording available to you for FREE as part of your registration. The importance of this can’t be over-estimated. If you need to leave the live event for some reason, you won’t miss a thing plus we learn better when we have more than one exposure to a topic. So you can listen over and over to get as much as possible from each speaker.

The cost of the seminar is only $97 vs. $347 for the live event. My accountant and my wife think I’m crazy for offering the seminar at this low price and for giving you access to the recording so you can play it over and over to get maximum benefit. I say you are crazy if you don’t take advantage of this incredible offer.

Our guarantee…

If after hearing Saturday’s speakers, you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, we’ll refund the entire fee and still give you access to the recording of the whole event for wasting your time. With a guarantee that strong, you’ve nothing to lose except seconds off your lap times.

Don’t take my word for it, here are some comments by a few of last year’s attendees:

“OMG! This is the BEST seminar, I’ve ever attended! Every speaker was entertaining, interesting, and informative. I learned so much that will help me prepare for, enjoy and succeed the next time I’m on the track” – James Wege

“If you missed today’s seminar, you might as well be late to the grid. Everyone who took the time to attend now knows more than you about many aspects of racing. Too bad for you!” – John Rankin, Vintage Beach Sports Racer

“I have been coming to these for over 20 years. This was the best. A definite bell ringer. The speakers were very engaging. I didn’t lose my focus for a moment. A rare occasion for me!”- Mark McClure, Formula Mazda

This seminar isn’t for everyone. If you are content to just go out and run your car without a desire to improve, then please pass this email on to someone who has a willingness to listen, learn and apply the secrets that will be shared at the event so that they can enjoy their racing more by lowering their lap times, improving their understanding of the car, and gaining great insight into the whole process of successful racing.

Register now as the seminar is coming up in less than two weeks. In fact the registration deadline is Thursday February 18 at midnight. Just click the registration buttons or email your entry to info@armadilloracing.com or you can call us on our toll free phone line (USA and Canada) at 888-211-9129.

Your confirmation email with logon and all seminar details will be sent to you promptly.

Yours for Racing, Andy

PS If you still aren’t sure what this is all about. Just click to hear an audio file of Jeff Braun as he shares some insights from a teleseminar we did in 2010. This will give you one insider secret you can use now. Most importantly it will give you a glimpse into what you can learn when you register for the seminar. Click here to listen to the 9 minute audio ofJeff Braunsharing 1 of 3 racer secrets.

This year you get Bob Earl, David Redszus, Mike Hurst, Dan Binks and Roberto Guerrero with access to ask questions of them about your car or situation and you get a recording of the whole event, all for just $97.

Here are some highlights from last year!


“OMG!  This is the BEST seminar I’ve attended!  Every speaker was entertaining, interesting, and informative.  I learned so much that will help me prepare for, enjoy, and succeed the next time I’m on track.”

James Wege

“A day of valuable insight, personal improvement and introduction to very cool, like-minded people.  Great stories and experiences shared by industry pros with laughs  and epiphanies to boot.” 

Owen Grimm

“Awesome day.  I’ll be back next year.  Very educational, speakers are great.  Thank you so much.” 

Leo Overgaag

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