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History of Armadillo Racing

Armadillo Racing Enterprises (ARE) was established in 1983 when the owner Andy Collins plunked down $35 hard earned bucks to become a dealer selling AMSOIL synthetic oil to his friends in the Pacific NW Racing Community.   It quickly became apparent that there was a real need for a trackside supplier of racing fuel and parts, so in 1986, “Armadillo Andy” as he became known, searched out and located the Engine Research Company (ERC) racing fuel.  Arguably the finest racing fuel in the west, ERC trusted ARE to represent their product and using an old 1966 Chevy Pick-up, Armadillo Andy started taking fuel and parts to the local sports car races.

As the business grew so did the need to change business structure so in 2006 Armadillo Racing Enterprises, a sole proprietorship, gave way to Armadillo Racing Incorporated (ARI) with Armadillo Andy operating the corporation as President and chief cook and bottle washer.  Throughout the 1980’s into the 2000’s, ARI served circle track racers, drag races as well as sports car racing…


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Armadillo Racings mobile showroom has been a staple at Northwest racing events since 1983. We will be updating our website with more 2022 events soon, check back!

Also check out the PNW Racer Resources page for news, events & resources!

Annual Racing Seminar - 2022

27th Annual High Performance Racing Seminar

February 12 – 13 – Register Early!

This world class event will feature 3 or 4 technical speakers and one special lunch time guest presenter.

CLICK HERE to learn more!


We will be updating our website as more 2022 events are scheduled.

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“Andy carries to the race track what is needed by every racer.  He carries hard to get items that allow you to stay at the track and race instead of have to run all over town trying to find parts.”  

Dick Boggs

Stohr WF1 Sports Racer

“A.R. is the best supplier of automotive racing equipment and products in the NW.  AR is a godsend at every race.  Having a vendor that is dedicated to the needs of the racer first and the bottom dollar second is very rare.  Keep up the good work.” 

Dave Bennitt


“The most formidable motorcycle road racing powerhouse in the Pacific Northwest – Schenk Racing Enterprises – over 17 state championships, 4 endurance championships, over 5 national wind, one fuel ERC and one fuel supplier – Armadillo Racing.”

Ben Schenk

Team Owner WMRRA Champion

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